SCSS16: Integrating Social Customer Service into Your Omni-channel Strategy

The theme for Social Customer Service 2016 is: Integrating Social Customer Service into your Omni-channel Strategy

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Social Customer Service Summit 2016 will take place in London on 13th/14th April

During 2014/15 the Social Customer Service Summit focused on helping brands to create and implement an effective social customer service strategy. We featured impressive case studies from the likes of Microsoft, Barclaycard, eBay, Spotify, Virgin Media, Direct LineO2 and Citibank – which have each provided their customers with a range of excellent support services via social media channels.

Of course, highlighting best practice within social customer service is hugely worthwhile – we have helped over 300 brands to improve their strategies – but it also creates the illusion that excellence in social customer service can somehow be achieved without a corresponding success across all other channels.

This year, we want to address this issue head-on by asking our speakers and attendees a simple question: how can social media contribute to a more effective omni-channel service strategy?  

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have been with us for ten years and, while there are lots of new channels emerging (especially messaging apps), our ability to assimilate and integrate these platforms into a seamless customer experience continues to lag behind customer expectations. Statistics make the case for change:

  • 64% expect to receive real-time assistance regardless of the customer service channel they use
  • 37% expect to be able to contact the same customer service representative regardless of which channel they use
  • 87% think brands need to work harder to create a seamless experience for customers
  • 73% think brands pay more attention to generating sales across multiple channels than they do to providing an integrated customer service experience

At the Social Customer Service Summit 2016 (#SCSS16) we will invite our speakers and guests to share their strategies for meeting customer expectations via social media within their omni-channel strategy. As always, this unique event will offer unrivaled peer-to-peer discussion and learning, plus an enjoyable opportunity to benchmark your best against the rest.

Tickets for SCSS16 are available on the website now [Note: this event will sell out so early booking is advised].